About Me:

My name is Seth and I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design. I'm currently employed by a small Medical company in NH called M2S. I've been working there from College for 14 years now, as a Level 4 Imaging Technician- I practice Web and some minor Software Developement in my own time.

My current Resume, Portfolio Card Front, and Portfolio Card Back.

I've taught myself some basic programming for iOS devices, LUA and Swift, publishing a handful of smaller games. I've also put together this website, and currently have my own unofficial website of M2S to show what exactly we do. I'm currently experimenting with Javascript, WebGL (three.js), and server side knowledge by embedding multiple STLs into the browser overlaying CSS for UI to manipulate the 3d model. I've created a 'virtual graft' tool for it as well --> link.

This image shows my design concept for retrieving an orthogonal image for the annulus area of the Left Ventricle (Heart). From this, we can create the plane that's perpindicular to the Heart Cusps nadirs, as well as being centered, which gives the most accuracy for evaluating the annulus area.

And some Posters I created for the front lobby of my office (decreased quality for web): Poster1, Poster2, Poster3, Poster4.

Currently creating a small iOS game called 321Dive, as well as Rad Rockets - both focus on different aspects (water physics vs procedural generation). This is a continued effort to improve my programming skills, especially on the mobile platform. Preview Video(s)-

I'm married to my beautiful wife Suntarin, whose helped me travel to areas I may have never seen such as Thailand, The Grand Canyon and Switzerland. In my free time I like to study programming and web stuff, mountain bike, dirt bike, ski, games, sports, and continue to experiment/learn various computer applications.